by: Roy Damary
Do you recall Andy’s turn of phrase when he made a suggestion to you?

It was “Roy or Gene or Mike, why don’t you…..”

One of the suggestions of this evening was that we were recommended to remember a phrase of Andy’s which particularly affected our lives. For me, it was “Roy, why don’t you go to the Harvard Business School?”  So I did.

Often at our Burlamaqui evenings Andy would introduce me as his first boss. Andy did not do “having a boss”. How on earth he got into the Navy I cannot imagine.

Allow me to introduce a feminine dimension. At Battelle, as Tony Hinder may well remember, Andy and I had a secretary called Carolyn, a Canadian.

She wrote of Andy:  “His background was considerable but he was never a braggart. I always appreciated that about Andy. I remember his warm blue eyes and his smile. And he was funny. I often left my office window open, even in February. He would joke he was entering my igloo and he would ask if I would like to wear his parka. We would laugh at that.”

Let us remember Carolyn’s words when remembering Andy, “We would laugh at that”.