by: Paddy Murphy
I was one of the first join the Burlamaqui Society in 1995. John McCaffrey was my sponsor. He was not just a friend of Andy but was related through marriage. The number of participants was few in those days and I'm sure Gene Schulman, Howard Hornfeld, Art Lieber, Bruce Littman and others can relate great stories from those early days. I particularly remember the evenings when we dressed formally in dress suits with bow ties, going to exotic dining places, meetings in the garden at Andy's home, dinner at the old ghostly great house in Begnins, music recitals, joke nights etc. The list goes on.

Andy was a charismatic and inspirational character. He was a prolific reader and knowledgeable about almost everything. He always made himself available for a chat or discussion on any topic.

While we acknowledge him as the main driver for the Burlamaqui Society he made sure everyone participated and had an opportunity to add their point of view. He created one of the best networking organizations in Geneva and helped many people to settle in the region where they knew few other people when they arrived.

He will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace.