by: Joelle Kuntz
I interviewed him for the Swiss TV when he was a presidential candidate a long time ago.

Since that time, Andy was my « American in Geneva ». I learnt a lot with him: about America, about the world, his ideas of the world ; he introduced me – me a geographer !- to Saint Dié and Vespucci. We both shared the historical figures who build bridges between people and cultures, He always had a new story about ideas born in one place and used in another. He was a traffic observer and facilitator.

Now that he is no more with us as a pontifex we have to work alone, with his legacy.

As you surely know, Burlamaqui, ironising about the way the Geneva’s patricians manipulated the law, called the city an «aristo- democracy». I should not dare presuming what Andy would have said about today’s aristo-democracies but he often said that Burlamaqui was always with us.

Andy is with me, surrounded by all the characters of his connected world, past and present.

Je te salue, Andy