by: David Bidwell
Andy and I arrived in Geneva at about the same time in the late sixties.  We were not close friends in those early years, as I worked in the Middle and Far East for much of the time.  It was not till years later, when he invited me to join the Burlamaqui society that we got to know each other well. 

As an American, I have always admired and appreciated Andy for his huge and meaningful contributions to the American community abroad.  I was also delighted to have enjoyed his exceptional intellect and his friendliness over the many years we knew each other.

Those of us who had the pleasure and stimulation of sharing in the monthly meetings of Andy’s Burlamaqui Society enjoyed a special and rare privilege.  The getting together with like-minded friends for the energetic discussions we had were something I always looked forward to with relish and all of us who are Burlamaqui members owe Andy a huge and lasting debt of thanks!

Everyone who knew Andy will miss him, as will I.  Even though we did not see each other as often as I would have liked, I always looked upon him as a unique and very special friend.